Winter Sports

Welcome to the Wooster Colts Athletics Winter Sports page! If you need further information, please contact the sport coach below or check our Athletic Registration page for downloads and useful links.

Boys’ Basketball

Coach: Jose Parra

(775) 338-5315 Email Coach Parra

Boys’ Basketball Asst. Coaches:

  • Kevin Sargent

Practice Times: TBA

Girls’ Basketball

Coach: Sheryl Hicks

(775) 741-5755 Email Coach Hicks

Girls’ Basketball Asst. Coaches:

  • Randy Melendez

Practice Times: TBA


Coach: Joe Brooks & Mike Nakashima

(775) 321-3160 Email Coach Brooks Email Coach Nakashima

Practice Times: TBA

Girls’ & Boys’ Skiing

Coach: Andrew Shivers

(775) 321-3160 Email Coach Shivers

Practice Times: TBA

Girls’ & Boys’ Rifle Team

Coach: Brian Wyatt

(775) 321-3160 Email Coach Wyatt

Practice Times: TBA


Coach: Nicolette Andrini

(775) 321-3160 Email Coach Andrini

Cheerleading Asst. Coaches:

  • Jeff Matthew

Practice Times: TBA