World Languages & ELL

Marie Farigoule

Marie Farigoule

French Teacher & World Languages & ELL Department Leader

Photo for Zhiran Collins

Zhiran Collins

Chinese & ELL Teacher
Photo for Nancy Galt

Nancy Galt

ELL Teacher
Photo for Debra Harris

Debra Harris

ELL Teacher
Photo for Enos Interiano

Enos Interiano

Spanish Teacher
Photo for Malake Itani

Malake Itani

French Teacher
Photo for Ashley LeBalch

Ashley LeBalch

Spanish Teacher
Photo for John Martino

John Martino

ELL Teacher
Photo for Jandyra Pond

Jandyra Pond

Spanish Teacher
Photo for Marco Real-Zepeda

Marco Real-Zepeda

Spanish Teacher
Photo for Cesar Rodriguez

Cesar Rodriguez

Spanish Teacher

World Languages

What is the IB Diploma Program?

  • The IB Diploma Program is a two-year program for high school students in their junior and senior years. Wooster offers two choices for IB students. The first is to commit to a four-year plan which, if completed successfully, could result in the awarding of the IB diploma. The second manner is through IB certificates. This would not require a four-year commitment, but would allow students to take part in the IB classes of their choice.
  • Students take honors courses throughout their freshman and sophomore years. At the end of their sophomore year, students that already enrolled in the IBDP program will start what we call, “Full IB.”
  • Students that did not apply to the IBDP program as 8th graders, and are interested and motivated academically, are invited to apply in the 9th or 10th grade. Please see the IBDP Coordinator in the IB office or email the IBDP Coordinator
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