Student/Parent Responsibilities

Regular attendance and compliance with the Washoe County School District Attendance Policy are important to success at Wooster High School. Students and parents are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the district policy. It is important to note the following:

  • Students are required to attend 100 percent of all scheduled classes in which they are enrolled, unless otherwise excused.
  • Parent notes are required to excuse absences for illness, medical, dental and legal appointments, family bereavement, and religious observances. In addition, parents are requested to prearrange legal, medical and dental appointments and obtain verification of those appointments with the school attendance office.
  • Absences for extenuating circumstances must be prearranged with the school’s attendance office and administratively approved. Every effort should be made to complete this process a week in advance of the absence.
  • All parent notes and excuses must have the parent and student’s full names on the note and must be submitted to the school’s attendance office within three (3) school days of the absence and the student’s return to school. Failure to complete this may result in the absence being classified as UNEXCUSED. Absence notes will be processed before school, between classes, at lunch, and after school until 3:30 p.m.
  • Parents are encouraged to call the school attendance office prior to 9:00 a.m. if their student is home ill; this procedure will help the office know the whereabouts of students. The school will attempt to make telephone contact with parents after the student’s absence if the parent has not called or an excuse has not been submitted to the office the day after the absence. Telephone for attendance is 333-5100.
  • Appointments for driver’s license testing, job interviews, military recruitment testing and interviews, and other such appointments are considered as “personal appointments” and will not be counted as excused absences from class. All such appointments should be made after school hours on the student’s own time.
  • Students must obtain a street pass from the office or the nurse’s office to leave campus. Failure to obtain a street pass may result in the absence being classified as UNEXCUSED. Fifth and sixth period absences for illness will only be excused if a student obtains a street pass or if a parent calls to inform the office of the student’s illness and sends a written excuse within three days of the student’s return to school.


    (Revised 07/05) The Nevada Revised Statute 392.122 is the basis for the WCSD Attendance Policy and Procedure 5113. NRS 392.122 states the Board of Trustees shall establish a minimum attendance requirement for promotion to the next grade or earning credit. The WCSD Board of Trustees has established a policy requiring 90% attendance for promotion to the next grade or earning credit. The emphasis of the attendance policy is on the importance of keeping students in school and providing access to the curriculum. The policy is for all students at the elementary and secondary levels. There are some differences between the two levels because of the manner in which credit is earned at the secondary level. The major points of the new policy are as follows: Absences that do not count against the 90%.

      10 Circumstance absences per year for elementary and middle school students or 5 Circumstance absences per each semester for high school students do not count, if approved by the site administrator. Examples of these types of absences are:
    • Bereavement
    • Medical Emergencies
    • Personal Business
    • Family Business
    • Pre-Arranged
    • Legal
    • Religious

    Parents must send a note or call the school regarding the student’s absence. This must be done within three days after the student returns to school. Of course, calls or notes in advance are always appreciated. Pre-arranged absences must be requested at least 2 school days in advance of the absence and should be requested earlier than 2 days in advance if the absence is for an extended period of time. There are certain types of absence that do count against the 90% attendance rule.

    • Any absence that is not verified by a parent counts against the 90%.
    • Any Domestic absence counts against the 90%.
    • Any Domestic absence is any absence beyond the 10 (elementary/middle school) or 5 per semester (high school) Circumstance absences.
    • Absences that are within the parent’s control also count as Domestic absences. Examples of these types of absences are:
      • Staying home to care for siblings
      • Didn’t feel like coming to school
      • Any truancy issue
      • Sleeping in too late

    At the elementary level students will be marked as having missed instruction if they are late or attend 2/3 or more of the session. If an elementary student misses more than 1/3 of the session, he/she will be marked as absent. Missed instruction at the middle and high school level is marked when the student is late or leaves at any time during the class period.
    Make-up work must be provided for any absence, but it is the student’s responsibility to request the make-up work in advance or on the first day he/she returns to class. Because it is impossible to make-up some in-class assignments, coursework of a similar nature may be given. It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all make-up class work at the designated deadline. Failure to complete the make-up work within the designated deadline will result in no credit received for the make-up work. There is no longer a “buyback” process. In order for an absence to be considered for review the student must have completed the make-up work. Students who attend less than 90% of the year or course will be retained or not earn credit.
    If you have any questions regarding the attendance policy, contact your child’s school. Attendance is a shared responsibility and concern of students and parents/guardians with the assistance and support of school staff and the community. Let’s all work together to get our children in school and make every day count!

    Prearranged Absence

    The student will be able to pick up a Prearranged Excused Absence Request Form from the Attendance Assistant in the school office. The form is to be completed by the student and parent/guardian prior to the requested absence. A detailed explanation of the reason for requested absence will be attached to the form and the student will take the form to each of his/her teachers. Appeal of Decision to Fail/Retain Due to Attendance A student, who will fail or will not be promoted to the next grade because he/she has absences in excess of 90%, or the student’s parents/guardian may appeal this decision if the student is able to pass the course or be promoted to the next grade. The student will be considered for this option based on his/her content knowledge, motivation, and maturity. At the discretion of the principal and the appropriate area superintendent, the student may be given the opportunity to earn credit in the class or be promoted if all of the following conditions are met:

    • The student or parent/guardian request an administrative review of the absences and the student’s failing academic status.
    • The student’s positive attitude, desire to attend school, and motivation to pass the class or be promoted warrants a second chance.
    • The administrator and teacher(s) in question must agree that the student can still pass the class academically or be promoted, given what the student must accomplish academically and given the amount of time remaining in the semester or school year.
    • The student and parent/guardian agree, in writing, that:
    • Any further Unverified absence, or, if applicable, Domestic or Truant absence, will result in an “F” for the course or the student not promoted.
    • The student will successfully complete all make-up work according to a schedule developed cooperatively with the teacher(s).
    • The student will successfully complete all subsequent class work and course/class requirements on time.

    The decision of the principal and area superintendent is final. Unique Circumstances There may be pre-planned, unique circumstances that call for a review of the attendance policy provision that requires a student to be in attendance at least 90% of the time in order to pass or be promoted to the next grade. Unique circumstances arise when students are given the opportunity to participate in a very specialized activity because of family circumstances or the student’s own unique talents and skills. Under these circumstances, known in advance, the student may be granted additional school-approved absences. Examples of unique circumstances are:

    • A trip that has unique educational value.
    • Participation in an activity that requires specialized skills such as an Olympic development program or professional acting.

    To qualify for consideration as unique circumstance, students and/or their parents/guardians must:

    • Apply for the additional absences in advance in sufficient time for teachers to prepare make-up work.
    • Provide a description of the circumstances and rationale for additional absences.
    • Provide a plan of action for course work that will be missed.
    • Provide proof of adequate academic progress, class test scores, school behavior and study habits.
    • Obtain teacher approval and willingness to work with the student regarding his/her missed schoolwork.
    • If applicable, demonstrate that they have followed through on commitments previously made utilizing this particular provision of the Attendance Policy.

    The school principal and an area superintendent will have the final approval of such a request. If approved, the absences would be considered a school-approved activity. The decision of the principal and the area superintendent are final.

    Consequences for Truancy and Excessive Absences

    Consequences for truancy and excessive absences could result in: 1. Loss of credit 2. Reduction of the Academic Grade 3. Referral to the W.C.S.D. Truancy Program 4. Referral to the Washoe County Juvenile work crew by the W.C.S.D Attendance Officer 5. Dropped from high school if 17 with parent approval 6. Dropped from high school if 18 without parent approval 7. Detention 8. Friday Night or Saturday School